Will You Share Your Partner with your Friends?

There are many people I know who have a deep fantasy about the threesome but continuously hide and suppress it. Because socially craving sexually for another guy or girl is considered infidelity. And of course, I don’t promote disloyalty. If someone is committed, then craving for someone else but their partner is wrong. But what if you’re single!

A threesome is a guilty pleasure you’ve always wanted to have but secretly. The most important thing is, that having a threesome doesn’t make someone cuckold. Cuckold is someone who doesn’t enjoy having sex on their own, rather they get the pleasure from seeing others having sex. You can’t sexually satisfy a person who is cuckold, by having sex with them. A threesome is completely different from that. It needs either zero emotion involved or a proper balance of emotion and act.

Couples often try threesome to experience the kink, but in most cases end up breaking up. Nobody who’s deeply in love with someone doesn’t want to share their partner in any way. No matter how liberal you or your partner is, it won’t work for long. Because the idea of possessiveness is vast but centres around the body, sexual possession reigns over everything else for both men and women. Hence, it would be better for you to not look for extra pleasure while being committed.

But for singles out there, you have the license to explore every kink and fantasy you have. For instance, group sex! Now people see group sex and gangbang differently. Gangbang is more likely; guys bring your gang to bang a hot pussy! If you don’t know, gangbang is one of the most popular genres among girls, but why’s that? In gangbang, a girl alone is getting all the sexual attention of three or more guys, and that’s something to flaunt! From a girl’s psychology, each part of her body is getting played with and that’s not common in normal sex. So, girls, if you’re confident enough to handle more than two dicks at a time, do experience gangbang.

And there are people whose sex life doesn’t exist when they’re single. The old-school beings, no matter how much they crave sexual pleasure, don’t want to get laid without emotional attachment. To feel sexual pleasure, they need a strong mental connection or intimacy with their partner and I’m one of those people.

The worst part is that even after being good at bed and craving sex, they deprive themselves. And the good thing is that the intensity they bring at the time of sex is incomparable. It works like magic when the mental intimacy is superb. The little eye contact between wild thrusts, the foreplay and post-sex cuddles, feels like perfection.

Guys and girls, mark my words. Even if you have a fantasy about a threesome or group sex, never share it with your girlfriend or boyfriend while being committed, unless you want unwanted psychological issues. I think trust and possessiveness walk hand in hand in a relationship. And your counterpart deserves to know your fantasies and kinks, but if you’re precious to them, they will never want to share you with anyone else. Though you may share such past experiences of yours with your partner, which would be comparatively safe.

Single darlings, live your life and fantasies to the fullest. Try threesome, group sex, gangbang or whatever you want. Just remember one thing, consent is the only key. Punish your mate, choke and fuck them or fuck the shit out of them literally, but make sure when you’re done, she’s satisfied. Have sex, and stay healthy!