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I feel like I should know the name of this other chick who’s getting naked and getting fucked with Alexis Adams but it’s just not coming to me…so if you guys recognize her face let me know because that’s the kind of thing that’ll just drive me nuts. Anyway, she and Alexis are here getting naked and making out and taking turns on this guy’s dick, sucking and fucking his brains out together in a hot hardcore threesome that’ll leave you wondering what happened to those two hotties from college you met up with and whether they still like to throw down and have a good time on the weekends…

Harmony Reigns, Sophia Laure & Ricky Mancini

Hot TV Night

Sometimes plans don’t really go according to, well, plan…for instance, beautiful Josephine here was going to spend the night out on the town with her boyfriend but when they were hanging out in bed together they decided it would be much more fun to stay in and ‘watch a little tv’, which is code for them to fuck each others brains out all night long! In this Joymii update called Hot TV Night Josephine gets naked, showing those big perfect tits and then getting her tight horny pussy licked and fucked as this guy puts his cock to work…he doesn’t exactly look like a male pornstar generally looks so I’m guessing he’s Josephine’s real life boyfriend, what do you guys think.

Kendra Khaleesi First Porno

Her on My Very First Time they generally get women who are already established in the adult industry pushing their sexual limits a bit and venturing into new territory whether that means anal sex, double penetration, gangbangs or whatever…this time though it’s a little different, this chick Kendra Khaleesi had never done an adult shoot before so it’s truly her very first time! She’s making her first porn and was excited to try her hand at the industry, and with that tight sexy little spinner body she’s got a fine shot at it. Kendra slips out of her little white bra and panties and asks this dude to fuck her like a pornstar and he definitely does that! All she can say is ‘yes yes yes’ and takes a hard deep dicking culminating in a nice creampie that drips out of her horny pink little pussy. Welcome aboard, Kendra!

Zoe L.Fox

Eva Lovia Porn Pros

This is one of those galleries that everyday I tell myself I am going to post it but then I forget so I am just going to get it up and out of the way.  It’s not a old scene by any means I mean I think it came out yesterday but you guys know me, I want the porn up on the site the same day.  This beautiful thick ass that you see here belongs to Eva Lovia.  I am looking at this picture and thinking it’s not going to entice most of you but that’s okay it will be an extra surprise for those of you that actually watch this video just how hot it is.  Eva Lovia has to be the hottest pornstar out there right now or close to the top.  I am pretty sure she won Digital Playgrounds contract or whatever but she is still showing up on other peoples sites.  So she must have shot all these before hand or maybe DP’s new contracts allow for their stars to shoot for other porn companies.  This scene is for Massage Creep and starts off with Eva here getting a massage.  I also wanted to mention that when you watch this video just remember what this site used to be!  It has changed so much it used to be a full on reality site but now its just gorgeous pornstars getting pleasured with a massage before they’re pleasured with a big dick!

Hot Teen Massage

Who wouldn’t love to be a masseuse when a gorgeous girl like Kasey Warner shows up as your first and only client of the day? She’s a beautiful teen with a sexy tight body and the libido to put it to work in this Fantasy HD update called Hot Teen Massage as she gets her lithe body rubbed down with oil before paying back the masseuse with some oral attention, sucking and licking his cock until it was hard as iron and ready to plunge into her wet teen pussy! Kasey bent over on the massage table with that sweet tight firm ass in the air to get her cunt licked and then pounded, moaning as she spread her smooth legs and rode that dick to orgasm! I like that this girl has a little triangle of pubic hair above her pussy instead of opting to shave it bald like so many pornstars do in this day and age, I think it’s pretty hot. This is Kasey’s first time on Fantasy HD but she’s definitely making some dreams cum true in this hardcore fuckfest as she gets her hole filled up with dick and then takes a big cream facial!

Women And Porn

If you know any women who don’t like porn and are mystified, it might just have to do with the fact that most porn ends with a cumshot to the girl’s face! It’s pretty true I suppose, it’s a pretty aggressive move and I guess most women would rather just have sex and not get their eyes glued shut…I guess guys get off on the domination aspect of porn more than women tend to. Not a huge mystery, it seems like a lot of women tend to prefer lesbian porn or even gay hardcore, although the latter usually ends with a facial as well right? Oh well, who knows…porn is great and if women don’t like to watch it they don’t have to. Anyway, this chick Amy Schumer is a standup comedienne who has some insight into the question and she’s fucking funny as hell so it’s worth a watch no matter what.

Kyra Hot Public Bang

This is actually not just a new gallery for you guys this is a whole new site that Bang Bros is putting out.  It’s called Public Bang and as far as I know Kyra Hot here is the first girl to show up on the site.  She is like Spanish or something like that and she goes out in public and runs into a group of guys at a construction site.  They are told that Kyra is looking to fuck and each one of them wants to be the one that fucks her.  She however isn’t just going to fuck anyone for free she wants something out of it.  She wants a big dick so she goes to each guy and feels his cock and picks the biggest one.  The guy does a really good job at fucking this girl I mean she gives him a fucking that he has never had before.  This is the kind of sex that you can only get from a pornstar all while his buddies watched so that might be a little weird.  The video ends with her on her back getting fucked missionary and right when he is about to cum he pulls out and cums on her shaven pussy and stomach.  Kyra has a great body it might be fake titties but her big round ass is all natural and you get to see plenty of that because the camera guy was just loving on it.

Cooling Down For Hotter Sex

Sweet blonde spinner Chloe Foster stars in this Passion HD update called Cooling Down For Hotter Sex as she heads to the bathroom while her man was in the shower, teasing him through the glass as his cock stirred and then joining him in the cool water to have a little wet wild fun! She sucked his cock as the water cascaded down over both of them, then spread her legs to get that pussy licked and fucked as she rode him right there on the tile floor! He gave her a nice pounding as the water sprayed over them both, then did a little spraying of his own as he show his load into Chloe’s mouth for her to swallow down. It’s hard to tell if the water is heating up a little as they get more into the fucking or if it’s just turning into steam as it hits their burning passion as the guy pounds her sweet tight hole! It’s hard to think of a girl you’d rather have join you in the shower for a nice spontaneous fuck session on the bathroom floor, am I right or am I right? I mean there might be other pornstars you’d prefer but hell, it’s not like you’re gonna turn this girl down you know what I’m sayin?

Hot Nude Yoga

What private yoga instructor wouldn’t want incredible blonde spinner Dakota Skye as his student? She was stretching out when he helped correct her form, slipping his hands between her thighs to gently tickle her pussy for this Fantasy HD update called Hot Nude Yoga…soon she was putting her flexibility to work, grinding her pussy and perfect ass onto his face, moaning as he licked her hole before sliding his cock into her throat and taking her onto his lap to fuck her on the yoga mat! She gives her downward dog a try, bending over to take his big dick deep in her hole, closing her eyes in ecstasy as he pounded her sweet pussy until finally he just had to bust nut, doing so all over her lips for a facial finish. There’s just something about getting the blood pumping with yoga and having the heat turned way up that just gets a girl turned on like nothing else in the world! Couple that with the fact that sexy pornstar Dakota is pretty much always horny to begin with and you’ve got something very special.

Vine Porn

I’m not even sure if this petition is still going since it’s been a couple months now but hey, I figured it was important enough to pass the information along! Have you ever used Vine, which is basically the video version of Twitter with 6-second clips? Well there used to be a good amount of porn and nudity but now the terms of service have been changed and it’s no longer allowed…this petition is to fight for the personal freedom where folks can be nude if they want and post naked videos pornos gratis if they damn well want to! If they had forbidden nudity from the beginning I guess it would be a bit different but to allow it for awhile and then all of a sudden say NOPE is a bit of a slap in the face. Who doesn’t like 6-second naked clips of a hot horny babe?

Hot Desire

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a girl as stoked on masturbating as Katerina Kay in this GF Revenge update called Hot Desire! She hops on the bed and giggles her way to orgasm as she pulls off her tiny white panties and skimpy black and pink panties, rubbing her pussy with one vibrator while fucking herself with another one! After she cums all over the place she starts giggling even more, showing off her two favorite toys…Katerina is getting into the porn industry now, who knows if this masturbation session was what made her want to get into the business but I like to think so. All I know is that she’s no longer dating this guy and he sent the pictures he took of her masturbating in to GF Revenge, for which I thank him most heartily.

Bryci Selfshot Ride

I love me some Bryci videos, they’re actually some of the best porn you will see on the internet but her pictures also are really great.  I am not allowed to post videos but I think this will due for most of you.  Bryci has a dildo that kind of sticks to anything and in this picture she is riding it in another one she has it stuck to the mirror and is giving it to herself doggystyle.  If there is a video attached to this picture gallery then I am going to be in heaven, if not I will survive, going to go check the members area right after this LOL.  She has such a nice pussy, shaven tight it’s everything you could ask for and more.  Then lets get to that big round ass of hers that is perfect fact, I won’t let anyone despute it.  The gallery has a lot of sexy images but you’re going to love the penetration so go on and check it out already!

Hot Yoga Moves

This is a new Pure Mature scene called Hot Yoga Moves.  I don’t know what it is about us men but we just love seeing girls doing yoga poses naked and fucking in yoga positions.  At least I think we do because I sure see a lot of yoga porn nowadays.  This one is of a gorgeous fat ass big boobie “MILF” named Jessyca Wilson.  I put it in quotes because I am not going to lie sometimes Pure Mature is a little willy nilly with who they call MILFs.  So this chick looks like she is from Europe but I could be wrong I just always assume girls I don’t recognize are from over there.  The guy she is fucking has a small little dick and it’s super weird looking too but she seems to enjoy it.  It’s hitting all those hard to reach places just because how bent it is LOL!  The video ends with him pulling out of her pussy and putting it in her mouth and she sucks all the cum right out of his dick.  She just swallows it, probably much to the chagrin of the camera guy but I guess that’s just how MILFs roll.

Darce Lee, Kira Queen & Mugur

Wifey’s Porn Audition

It’s always weird when Wifey’s World does these little acting skits but I think it’s more weird to me then other people.  You guys love to see some plot with your porn I guess so Wifey and her Hubby gives it to their members.  In this update you get to see Wifey doing a porn audtion.  It’s exactly what it sounds like she gets a interview and then she has sex with the “casting director”.  There actually isn’t much sex going on in the video that is over at this site actually none at all you just get to see Wifey blowing a cock as well as jerking it off.  The husband eats out her pussy doggystyle and gives that ass of hers a little lick too.  It’s a okay scene but I would rather just see Wifey get fucked.  Seeing big tits bouncing all over the place is always a favorite of mine.  You guys should definitely check out her site though just because she has been around for so long and it’s kind of funny all the different looks she has had since like 2000 when she opened this site.  One thing stayed the same though and that is that Wifey is fucking hot!

Porn Busters

I am almost a little embarrassed to even explain this new video from Brazzers.  I will just say that it’s kind of a play on ghost busters.  The thing is they don’t really use guns to catches these “pornstar ghosts” instead they just fuck the ghost.  I have to say if I was a ghost I would give up being the one for a chance at a threesome with Ava Koxxx and Leigh Darby.  Ava is the girl riding this guys cock and Leigh is obviously the girl getting her pussy eaten out.  The video comes from Brazzers and is actually called “Who Ya Gonna Call? Porn Busters!”.  I saw this gallery and was liking the way that Ava looked so I went out and got you guys another gallery of her.  This once again is a threesome but this time with DDF Busty.  All the same you’re getting another one of this hot MILF you guys should be pretty stoked, that’s what keeps you coming back I know.

Pornstar Vines

The world is becoming a sexier, more fun place every day if you ask me…every new piece of technology seems to have porn-related applications! For instance, take Vine…if you haven’t used it, basically it’s like Twitter but instead of a certain amount of characters you take a 6–second video with your smartphone for everyone to see. Some people suck at it but pornstars appear to excel at this new way of showing off those crazy titties and sexy pussies…check out this little roundup of some hot pornstar vines, with appearances by some of your favorites like Dani Daniels, Siri, Kendra Lust and Natalia Starr! It’s always hot to see them behaving sexy in their everyday lives and not just in front of the cameras for a website…these girls just love having fun and love getting naked for everyone to see!

Hot Orgasm

Some women on porn sites masturbate and moan and scream but you can tell they’re just faking it…Scarlet from X-art, on the other hand, never fakes it! When she has a hot orgasm you know it’s real and man does she loves to cum. Check out this photoshoot by the oceanside as this beautiful long-haired brunette pulls off her sheer negligee and spreads her long smooth legs to masturbate on the couch under the open air. It’s a beautiful sexy photoshoot with a stunning model getting her fingers and toy wet with that tight pussy, so if your’e in the mood for sexy you’re in for a treat! That’s one thing Iv’e noticed about these X-art updates; it doesn’t matter if there’s one girl or three or five in a set, it’s always beautiful and it’s always sexy and never really seems forced like a lot of sites nowadays. Always worth a look.

Hot Sex

Do you ever get an idea in your head and just can’t stop thinking about it? Sometimes maybe that idea involves a blonde MILF with huge tits riding your cock but hey maybe you’re married and your wife just wouldn’t understand. Well why risk endangering your relationship by cheating when you can play out the fantasy with Porn Goes Pro in this episode called, fittingly enough, Hot Sex? It’s all POV so you can easily imagine that it’s your huge cock this sexy pornstar has her lips wrapped around…Karen Fisher is the girl of the hour for this latest update on the site, and with those long smooth legs and huge round titties she is a force to be reckoned with! Watch the scene play out as she shows up to your hotel room, pulls her top down to let those big melons out and goes to work, sucking your big hard dick before laying back and spreading her legs to get that wet pussy hammered! The photos are all fisheye style which might look a little odd at first but it’s interesting and pretty cool looking once you get in the swing of things, and hey there’s a busty blonde pornstar getting fucked so try not to worry about the camera logistics too much am I right?

Julia Ann Porn Goes Pro

If you guy are members of Porn Goes Pro you will know this is a older gallery but I just had to post it because I am quite the Julia Ann fan!  She looks especially hot in this video because you get the first person view.  Seeing her ride this guys cock reverse cowgirl and you get to see that fat ass bouncing up and down it was trying just erotic art.  I also like when she turned around and rode him, this site has just the coolest camera angles.  That’s why I have been posting so many video with them.  The site has just started out but I think it’s going to be a hit and keep getting bigger and bigger.  They have some really famous pornstars on their site, I mean any site that is able to get Julia Ann is top notch in my opinion.  I think how this site is kind of operating is there is this guy who is treating these pornstars like hookers basically.  He sets up a shoot and leaves their money on the table, bangs them and then send them on their way.

Nikita Hotel Fuck

Some guys like to meditate in the evenings when they’re on a business trip to clear their mind and keep as sharp as a tack, some guys like to relax with a drink and watch a movie on the hotel TV, but some guys like to ball it up and call a hot horny pornstar to come warm their bed for the evening! That’s what this guy does and Tonights Girlfriend is Nikita von James, who looks like what you probably imagine in your head when you hear the word ‘pornstar’. She’s blonde, tan, has huge fake tits and a pretty face and fucks like a lioness! Watch this sexpot show up and rock this guy’s world as she sucks his cock and lifts those long lean smooth legs of hers to get fucked in that wet hole while her huge melons jiggle and bounce!

Christy on My Sisters Hot Friend

I tell you what, if I was the guy and had gone to my sister’s house but found her friend Christy Mack there half-dressed and horny as all hell I can guarantee I would fuck her brains out like this guy does! She is one of the hottest pornstars in the world if you ask me, with those huge tits and big round firm ass and of course her beautiful face…I don’t even mind all the tattoos and her shaved punk hair, it just adds to her edgy hotness. I think a lot of guys with sisters near their age grew up fantasizing about their sister’s friends, and this site My Sisters Hot Friend from the Naughty America network lets you play that fantasy out with some of the hottest babes around!

Lacy On My Sisters Hot Friend

I know Naughty America is on top of what people have fantasies about but I can’t believe that us guys think about fucking our sisters hot friends enough to make a whole site about it.  With that being said I still like this Naughty America site because they do have some of my favorite pornstars on this site!  One of those pornstars is pictured here it’s Lacy Channing.  You know what I really love about Lacy besides her super sexy body, is that she has nice sure white skin, I mean she doesn’t try to get tan she just embraces it and I think she looks sexy as well with it!

The Porn Star(r)’s

Dorm Invasion has put together a legendary scene I think.  They got Natalia StarrLuna StarRachel Starr and Jessica Bangkok invading a college party and it’s awesome!  I do find it fun that they have 3 pornstars with a “Star” name and then Jessica Bangkok… One of these people is doing their OWN thing!  Anyways Jessica still is hot as fuck and I am glad she is in the video.  The girls start things off by whipping the guys into a frenzy by eating each other out and Rachel Starr even broke out a strap on and fuck couple of the girls.  Then the girls tease them by asking who wants to fuck.  A couple of guys of course had the hands up and were ready but these pornstars wanted to have their fun first.  So they blind folded them and then took turns riding their face and getting their pussy eaten out by them as you see in this picture right here.

Amateur hotties

It’s not just pornstars that get up to some red hot sucking and fucking, amateurs do it all the time and sometimes the cameras are ready! Check out this collection of some hot amateur babes getting naked and having a good time, giving blowjobs and getting fucked in pairs and threesomes and sometimes just showing off naked all by themselves. There are some gorgeous girls in here and they’re all 100% real…maybe you even recognize a few from your neighborhood?

Riley Reid hotel fuck

I bet you never seriously considered calling up hot pornstar Riley Reid and having her come by to fuck you in your hotel room all night long, but then again it’s probably because your wallet isn’t thick enough if you know what I mean. Riley gets the call in this Tonights Girlfriend scene and rocks this bald guy’s world in her hot lingerie and thigh high stockings, fucking him and taking a nice creamy facial.

Hot MILF Is Back!

The last time you saw this MILF she did only anal.  Now she is back to get only her pussy fucked.  You would think she liked this shoot a lot more but she is one of those MILFs who likes it both in the butt and in the pussy.  They have a super long fuck session this guy you can tell is just holding out because he loves to fuck this meaty little pussy.  This is the type of girl I like seeing on Mom POV not too old but not young either.  She totally is one of those chicks who had a kid to young and is now trying to get all her wildness out.  Being in porn is pretty fucking wild I must say.  Glad she found Mom POV because I bet you they’re going to have her back all the time.  That’s what I like about these guys is they’re not shy about bringing back MILFs who the members really like.

Amateur babe photos

It’s a whol new cavalcade of hot amateur babes showing off their sexy nude bodies and getting into some serious hardcore sex with their boyfriends and girlfriends! Whatever you’re into seeing, be it lingerie or hardcore fucking or lesbian pussy licking or just a hot nude babe, some chick is doing it right now and the evidence is right here in this photo collection.

One Hot MILF

This site Mom POV if the sister site of Girls Do Porn if you guys didn’t know that.  They just specialize in finding hot MILFs like this girl right here!  She is a mother of one and man is she hot as fuck!  In this scene you get to see her having a real deal orgasm while being fucked, the funny thing is that the alarm in the hotel room came on at the same time.  It’s like she has some kind of super power or something.  I can’t wait to share with you guys the anal sex scene she did because that too is amazing but I will let you guys get ready for that one by watching this one.  The girl doesn’t look that old at all but she tells the videographer that her sexual desires have only gotten stronger with age and that’s why she is now making her very first sex tape.

Lucy V Selfshots

That right there is a nice set of tits!  It belongs to a model you guys should definitely keep a eye out for her name is Lucy V.  She actually runs her very own website and that’s going to be the best place to find porn of her.  I don’t know if you can really call it porn but she shows her tits and that should be good enough for any of us!  I love a redhead girl and Lucy is a redhead for sure but she does dye it a little bit to make it more vibrant.

Hot Luna

I mean I love me a exotic girl in a hardcore scene and that’s what Adrianna Luna is fulfilling for me!  The scene comes from a very erotic site called Babes Network so that’s a big plus if you know anything about them.  They have some of the highest quality content on the Internet with some of your favorite pornstars as well.  This scene is called Hot Luna because well she is just looking hot as fuck in this gallery.  So much so that this guy could barely hold his load once he got inside of that amazing Asian pussy of hers.  The scene is incredible from beginning to end and if you like the way this small video looks then you’re definitely going to watch to check out the full length feature.

Parking Lot Porn

This hot Latina babe just can’t get enough cock…she couldn’t even wait til they got back to the hotel room to slip a dick between her lips in this hot hardcore update from Latina Sex Tape! You get a little parking lot porn as she gets her titties out and sucks that cock before they get back to the room and really get down to business. She spreads her thighs and takes his throbbing meat wand deep inside her shaved pussy as she moans her way to orgasm, and it’s all on film for us to enjoy again and again.

Abella Porn Star Spa

Our dry streak is over!  It’s like we are getting laid after not getting any for 5 months.  Abella Anderson is in a brand new scene and it’s for one of my favorite massage sites called Porn Star Spa.  The best part about these scenes is when the girl gets on top and rides the guys dick on the massage table.  Riding dick is hot always with any girl but when you have a big round ass like Abella Anderson here it’s like watching Picasso paint it’s a work of art, it’s just where she belongs.

Bridgette B Porn Fidelity

Bridgette B is making her second appearance on Porn Fidelity I get a feeling she likes the way she gets fucked on this site or eaten out by Kelly Madison.  It actually might be that Bridgette just likes eating out Kelly I mean that is one hot pussy if you ask me.  I personally wouldn’t even make it to Kelly’s pussy because I couldn’t get past her amazing huge natural tits I would just lay on them and probably go to sleep.  Anyways these two huge titty babes go outside and give Ryan a wet t-shirt contest and made to they look hot all wet in their see thru shirts!  They then go back to the room for some lesbian sex and once Ryan is ready to go he joins in for a threesome any man would die to have.

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