Craig Marks a British gay pornstar makes his Menatplay debut bottoming for GayPornStarsTube

Craig Marks, a British homosexual porn star with piercing blue eyes, is one of the most attractive models in the industry, in my opinion. He debuted with Lucas Entertainment in August and with earlier this month. Today is his very first appearance on menatplay at gaypornstarstube in the scene “Kissing The Boss”

Manuel Skye, Head of Management, finishes his work and calls home to inform his family that he would soon be on his way to begin enjoying the holiday break. On his way out, he discovers that Craig Marks, his most recent employee (and newest Menatplay stud), is still at work. Craig admits that he hasn’t had time to meet any acquaintances since relocating to the city a few months ago, and he doesn’t have any family nearby, so he wants to stay and work through the holidays. Manuel is moved by his subordinate’s plight and decides to give him the gift (a pocket handkerchief and a pair of cufflinks) that he had planned to give him after his probation period. Craig loses self-control and kisses his boss as a result of the gift from his boss, loneliness, and the holiday spirit. This isn’t exactly professional behavior, but this is Menatplay, and Manuel isn’t about to miss out on this opportunity. Now is the time to get down to business!